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As expected the Muslim world accuses Israel of genocide.

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 27, 2008


Ho hum. Nothing new or surprising here.  The tears of sorrow and mourning for the dead.  Where was all this after 9/11 or 7/7 or daily as the rockets rain down on Israeli innocents?  NOWHERE!  And there never will be as these are “unprovoked and aggressive acts” from this Zionist regime.  Israel will not win the public relations / media game so they may as well do what they have to do.  I pray that BO would do what needs to be done for America, not the “world community.”  spit.

Here’s the story at JihadWatch.  Lots of statistics to shore up Israel’s justification for their actions, though to the thinking person it’s not needed.

Go, Israel, save yourselves!  You know full well that the only thing these barbarians understand is force.  You have the ability and the justification.

Americans, regardless of whether the official spineless government stance does or not,  is behind you and with you. 

These are the faces of the enemy – Oh, wait, they don’t show their faces.  Cowards!  Running in packs like wild dogs, raping,  killing, beheading, throwing acid and other vile things in the name of Allah.  This Allah is one sick god.



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