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After continuous rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel retaliates in Gaza – finally.

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 27, 2008

It is reported that around 150 have been killed as Israeli forces attacked Hamas compounds in Gaza.  As usual, they are located in civilian neighborhoods where these thugs know there will be collateral damage if they are attacked.  Israel will be blamed for everything, though they’ve been under rocket attacks for months during this latest “truce.”

This is not a territorial issue folks, it is a religious issue.  These fundamentalist Muslim Arabs cannot tolerate a Jewish presence near them. As Muhammed said in his Koran, a truce is only to allow time to strengthen the Muslim forces for a more successful attack at a later time.  Hamas and Hezbollah are pros at this sort of thing.  Perhaps because they are the true practitioners and have studied what the Koran has to say?

Here’s the story form Fox News. 

Now wait about 2 seconds and you’ll hear from the “oppressed” Palestinians (yes, politically they are- by the same miscreants that were attacked today) and the roar of Arab condemnation.  Where is the condemnation of daily rocket attacks from Gaza and the West Bank?  And the media will begin the condemnation of Israel for defending herself, as usual, and the U S State Dept., sitting safely (at least for now)here in the US will say the attacks were disproportionate and possibly over the top.

Will Iran now rattle her sword again?  Will the US be brought in deeper?
Hang on, people.  This could get ugly. It’s coming sooner or later.


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