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Joy to the World

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 25, 2008

This year of uncertainty and concern for the future has caused me and my family to re-ground to what matters most;  Faith and family.  We keep in mind that people in this country, far above others are the most law-abiding and generous.  Sure there may be hard times ahead for many or most of us, but America will survive. The question of the hour is ‘How will she look when the dust settles?’

I have my own ideas and many have very distinctly different ideas.  The likelihood is that it will be somewhere in the middle, which is a good thing in light of what I think may happen.  Is this part of God’s sovereignty or is He leaving us to our own base desires to destroy ourselves as a nation? Or is it both?  Will any amount of effort (physically or spiritually) on our part change anything?  I’m of the mindset to work like it’s all up to me and pray like it’s all up to God.

As I continue my education of what was going on before and during the struggle for Independence through articles and historical documents, the Providence of God, or at least the belief in it, it becomes quite obvious that this is the foundation on which the whole thing was built.  The Founders truly believed that men were only free because the Creator made us that way.  

The Christian heritage of America is being, at best, glossed over and, at worst, purged from the public education system, public discourse even so far as almost ignoring it in our new Capitol Visitors Center recently opened in Washington.  See the article  in my archives about my new hero, Sen. Jim DeMint, S.C. who made a formal protest to just this rewriting of history.  We’ll see how that one ends up.

But today is Christmas Day, the day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, (whether it’s the date of a pagan holiday or the actual date matters not – no lecturing on how we shouldn’t be doing it) so let’s leave the heavy events of our lives to be labored on tomorrow.  Read, listen to music, play games with your kids.  I’ve already done all three and it’s not even 3:00! Life is good.  All these things have been provided us by the Creator of the universe to enjoy.  It would be sinful not to.

Merry Christmas


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