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Wal-Mart 1 – Target 0 Good news on the doll story

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 19, 2008


From (hat tip – ACT for America) comes this news that Wal-Mart managers have responded immediately to complaints about the Fisher-Price ‘Cuddle and Coo Doll’ that purportedly says,”Islam is the Light.”   Target? Not so much.  They are just referring the customer to Mattel, which as you can imagine, is probably like getting to the head of the CIA.

I’ve heard the doll and it certainly isn’t cooing or babbling when the alleged phrase comes out.  As one who doesn’t go looking for demons behind every bush, I must say it sounds a lot like “Islam is the Light”.

Check it out for yourself, then continue to be “tolerant” of all the demands and threats made from the Islamists when you speak the truth about the violent, supremacist and totalitarian ideology they want to “bless” us with!



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