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AIG sued for Shariah-compliant product offerings

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 17, 2008

All capitalists need to do a gut check.  Is it all about free markets and profits?  Where does loyalty to your country fit in? 

Pure greed has taken its toll on America since the advent of the global economy. From moving plants out of country to extorting tax breaks not to.  If our regulations make it that difficult to stay here, and I understand that is the case at times, then so be it.  Do what you have to do.  But is there a good living to be made selling American-made products to Americans? I believe so.  

It’s infuriating to see corporate America sell out the country that made their enormous wealth possible through constitutional freedoms like self-determination and the pursuit of happiness.

I got this today from ACT! For America and the heroic Brigitte Gabriel:

From David Yerushalmi and SANE: 

Which led me to this:

Frank Gaffney:

Henry Paulson is paying back his billionaire buddies with our money under the guise of saving the financial sector. Really!?  How many of these companies has he had a hand in running?  Don’t think the fraternity of the world’s most powerful money-changers isn’t a tight group looking out for their own self-interest.  If you’re a “one-worlder,” there’s no better time to be a billionaire so long as you have a friend pulling the strings.


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