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Jim DeMint for Congress Czar?

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 12, 2008


We conservatives seem to have a few silver linings popping up and Obama hasn’t even been inaugurated.  How great is that?!   Sarah Palin helped us to hope we could expect something good in 2012 once the luke-warm McCain was out.  For that we thank you, Sarah.  Keep far away from those you think are your friends in and around Washington.  They are snakes and will soil you as they have this great country and the magnificent Constitution that sustained the freest, most prosperous and yet benevolent society to ever have graced this Earth.  Please hear what we say! 

Now Jim DeMint is stepping up to the plate and speaking what he believes, rather than parsing and weaving and bobbing that has become the politspeak of the last 2 decades.

The 1st term Senator from S. Carolina has had his moments, but recently has found this a good time to stand taller and fight harder for traditional American values.  Last week he accused the Capitol Architect of deliberately ommitting references to God and Providence in the newest addition in Washington, the Capitol Visitors Center. Good for him and it’s the truth, which is what is EXPECTED from conservatives by the way.  Now he’s predicting dire consequences for bailing out the auto industry, rather calling it a bailout to the Unions that have contributed greatly to this mess. 

To read him in action, click

Since I’ve been interested in politics for the last 25 years I’ve learned not to put my faith in only occasional stances or statement made by anybody as to what their motives or agenda may be.  I’ve been burned many times.  The first I remember was when I thought Trent Lott was a strong conservative.  He was strong-SOUNDING when he was the minority and didn’t have to lead.  There have been many since that the luster has come off, especially in the Senate, but most recently from my own former district, House Minority Leader John Boehner. 

I decided I’d better do a LITTLE background checking on Sen. DeMint.  I went to OpenCongress and went through a bunch of news articles and didn’t find any that put him on the wrong side of an issue.  No to the bailouts – any and all of them.  Yes to traditional marriage.  No to man-made global warming.  And more.  Don’t trust me as your research tool at this point.  I will do more when time permits. Got to find the next “One” that’s actually one of us! Below is from a government site that lists important legislation, etc. One look at his sponsored bills gives you a good sense of what Sen. DeMint stands for. Check it out.

Even before the new President is elected, we need to find and get behind those that will defeat him – now in stopping his leftist agenda and in 2012.  Not because he’s a Democrat, but because we need someone who will defend America here and abroad, will defend the Constitution from further desecration and is not ashamed to say he’s proud of his country! Keep ’em coming! Our loss was not a surpise. A disappointment,s ure, but not a surprise.  Geo. Bush did many good things, but also many wrong things and John McCain was usually more wrong than the President.  We’re out here looking for someone to vote FOR, not against his opponent.  That’s no way to win a campaign.


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