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Part 1: What does the Bible say about Islam and the End of Times?

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 10, 2008

For months I’d been driving my wife and kids nuts with my rants and ramblings about the advance of fundamentalist Islam and the West’s refusal to call our enemy by its name.  Nefarious terms like “terrorists,”  “insurgents,” or “extremists,” all of which apply, but not in any sense of specificity to the root cause of terrorizing, insurging or extreming.  The root is fundamentalist Islam and Muhammed’s command to submit, convert or kill unbelievers. Add to that the restrictions on producing our own oil vs. buying it from our enemies.  Add to THAT the denigration of Christian traditions and exultation of every other culture. And add to THAT the infuriating habit of relenting the way of life of the vast majority to placate the “offenses” being forced upon any tiny minority. In short, events of today defy logic and being very math-minded and logical I was getting quite aggravated.

Before anyone calls me an Islamophobe (I prefer the JW moniker of Islamorealist) or any other phobe, I’m not saying that all Muslims are hell-bent on killing all unbelievers.  Just those that practice the full extent of the teachings in the Koran and ahadith are the ones I’m worried about.

Anyway, to prevent my kids from being orphaned due to the life sentence she would get for killing me, my wife suggested I look to see what the Bible says about Islam in the End Times.  I replied that I didn’t think it was even mentioned.   Boy, was I wrong.  I’ve read the Bible through a couple times, but wasn’t looking for this particular content.  I googled ‘Islam and end times’ and as expected 10 bazillion results appeared. There are plenty of sites from the Christian point of view as well as the Islamic point of view, but I only looked at a couple of those, since I really don’t care what theirs have to say. Not at this point.

My next stop was the local library where I found plenty on Jihad and Islam, but I settled on a book by Hal Lindsey entitled Eternal Hatred: the History of Jihad.  I recommend it for a good history lesson on how the utter hatred Muslims have toward the Jews began (and still continues today).  He spoke about Russia and Iran’s commitments to each other (guess whose resurgence shocked the world by invading Georgia in prime time during the Olympics?)   What really got my attention though was his insistence that in the final days before the Millenium the United States was not alluded to. If the United States wasn’t a player, she wasn’t what she has been for the last 3/4 century. 

That brought me to considering the fiasco and utter recklessness of the actions of our government concerning the financial meltdown caused by the same government now “fixing” it.  Unless we stop the nationalization of companies and quit printing money, our debt will crush us.  We are a debtor to our enemies – Saudi Arabia – China just to get the list started.  Throw in a Marxist leaning President-elect who promised change and wooed his voters with his words, not his ideas and the outcome looks kind of scary.

I then read John Hagee’s Jerusalem Countdown which said much of the same things sans the thinking that America would no more be a player.  I will read more over the cold winter season and will let you know if ancient history changes between now and then. 

Many know that Ishmael, the son of Abraham borne of Haggar the servant girl, was the lineage from which Islam came.  But how many know that the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob who gave up his birthright for soup, also were outcasts and wound up in the same area, namely the Arabian Peninsula?  The blending of two peoples that had a major grudge against Abraham and Jacob ( who was later renamed ISRAEL by God Himself). Get the picture?

I’ll stop my ramblings here, but I hope I’ve given enough information to get you interested in reading more about this on your own.


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