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Know your enemy

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 7, 2008

Since this is such a new blog, I will be posting the basics of my world view.  Much of it is intended to lead readers through the first steps of the preparation for what’s to come, both as a blog and as patriots of the most benevolent country ever to exist.

Most of us only know what we’ve been told about Islam. I believe that with regular visits to and reading Mr. Spencer’s, Mr. Fitzgerald’s, Marisol’s and Raymond’s articles and some of the accompanying comments, in a year or less you will know more about Islam than, dare I say, most American Muslims.

 Please see this from the excellent folks at JihadWatch to learn the truth.

Fear-mongering or truth?  You will be castigated for repeating what you learn to those who don’t want to know the truth or DO know the truth, but don’t want it told.  Political correctness is a slow death.


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