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For What It’s Worth

Posted by foundersfreedom on December 6, 2008

Well, here goes something!  Everyone needs an outlet and this one is mine. What will appear on these pages will appeal to me and really, that’s how everyone is, isn’t it?  Hopefully others will take something away from here that will make their lives more fulfilling and inspire us all to do something great…or at least worthwhile. 

This blog will help keep my wife and children from hating me as I have a tendency to know too much and say too much on a daily basis.

To those who may choose to join me on this trip, welcome.  To those who don’t, I won’t know it anyway. See why I don’t have many friends?

The taboos of conversation are exactly where I go – Religion and politics – so feel free to tell me I’m wrong or out of my mind or over the top. I can take it.  At least I think I can.  We’ll find out if my Anger Management classes worked.


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